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 Bambusa oldhamii is a very attractive, and stately bamboo, which is why it is the most popular bamboo in cultivation. The large dark green culms are tall and erect, only curving slightly at the top. The branches are short, with long and wide dark green leaves. The dense foliage of Oldham's bamboo make it particularly useful as a privacy screen, espescially for second story windows where the foliage is the most dense. The culms are thick-walled but soft, making them not the best choice for load bearing construction projects.

100 Timber Bamboo Seeds (Bambusa Oldhamii)

  • Height: 45 - 65 ft. (14-20 m)

    Max Diameter: 4" (10 cm)

    Strength: 15 ° F (-10 ° C)

    USDA Zone: 9 to 11

    Light: Full Sun
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