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"We're All About Bamboo!"

We're passionate about making this world greener!
Our Story

​​How did we start selling bamboo seeds in the first place? That's a good question!


It all started one rainny afternoon while I was at home in my couch watching "Man Woman Wild" on Discovery's Channel. There I was watching Mykel Hawke in the middle of the jungle chopping a bamboo to make some kind of kitchenware (damn you can make a lot of crap with bamboo) and then I realized, "I wanna do that kind of stuff to, where the hell do I get bamboos?"

Well a couple hours later and after many internet searches, the seed had been "planted", it was only a matter of days until I had my first bamboo seeds. A few weeks later I watched the first bamboo seeds sprouting and then on I couldn't stop...
Later I started selling seeds and bamboos locally and now a few years later we are sending seeds to the whole world, hoping we can share our passion for this plants into your home. 

Our Passion

Growing a Greener World...



We hope to raise awareness of the current global ambient crisis and although we understand that what we do can only be considered a drop in the ocean, we also hope that that drop in some way contributes to create a better world, seed by seed we will make this planet greener and sustainable.

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