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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I place an order?

Select the seeds and quantities you like and add them to your shopping cart by clicking on the blue "Add to Cart" button. When you are ready to check out, click on "Shopping Cart" at the top right of the website. On the next page you can estimate shipping costs. The shopping cart will provide you with a real-time shipping quote to any destination worldwide.

What forms of payment do you accept?

MasterCard, Visa, AMEX or Paypal. Credit card payments are processed directly and securely via our payment service provider. For your security, no credit card information is stored on our server.

Will I receive confirmation of my order?

Yes. A summary of your order will be sent to the e-mail address you provided at check out, so please make sure to enter your e-mail address correctly.

How can we change our online order?

It is not possible to change existing orders. All credit card orders are processed directly and securely via our payment service provider, and the amount authorized through the shopping cart cannot be changed. If you realize, however, that you have made a mistake in your address or other such important information, please send us an email with this information in the subject line (e.g. "address correction for order placed").

How can I cancel my order?

Please send us an e-mail with the words "cancel order" in the subject field. Please include your name and your order number. You will find the order number at the top of your e-mail confirmation. If goods have already been dispatched, we regret that your order cannot be canceled.


What countries do you ship to?

All countries. We have completed successful deliveries to about 200 countries and territories.

How much will shipping cost? 

You can choose from two options:

“Worldwide - Standard” - meaning it will ship for free to whatever destination you are in, it is sent by regular mail without tracking number.

“Worldwide - Tracking” – the price will depend on the size of your order, starting at USD $3.50. Your order will be shipped with a tracking number.

What is the delivery time? 

Orders to Europe and USA, Australia and Canada should be delivered within 2 weeks maximum. For all other countries it can take up to 3 or 4 weeks depending on what type of shipping method you select.

Where is my order? 

When the order is dispatched you will receive an e-mail (including any available tracking numbers).

I didn't receive a tracking number. Why?

Please check your spam filter first. Some messages by the same sender may get blocked while others get past the spam filter. If your order has shipped and you have not received a tracking number, please contact us with your order number and we will be happy to e-mail it to you.

My shipment arrived damaged. What do I do?

Superficial damage to the packaging does not necessarily result in damage to the goods. If there is serious obvious damage to the package (e.g. if the damage is so great that contents have been lost) please contact us.

Small Packets

How many seeds are in the small packets?

Seeds are counted by machine, sometimes a few extra will sneak in, sometimes a few will not. To account for this we include in all packets na extra 15% of seeds, meaning if you order a 100 seeds packet, it will contain about 115 seeds.

Do I need to have an import permit for small packets?

No, for small packets you will not need an import permit.

Quality of the Seeds

The seeds that I received are covered in green mold (mould). Do I have to throw them away or can I still sow them?

This is NOT mold (mould). The greenish powder you are seeing is a harmless copper-based fungicide that we frequently use to stabilize rot-prone seeds during transit. It does not harm the seeds but we suggest you wash it off before sowing.

Are certain seeds only seasonally available because they do not stay viable until the next harvest?

Most bamboo seeds stay viable for up to a year if stored correctly.

When is the best time for buying and sowing seeds?

It is best to buy seeds when they are freshly available. They should be sown right after you receive them, irrespective of the season. Most bamboo seeds have better germination if they are not stored at home (i.e. in unsuitable conditions) for a long time.

How do I get the seeds to germinate? 

General germination information will be sent with your seeds. You can also check our Germination page.


Do you have seeds of ... ?

All available species are listed on this website. If it's not listed on the website, it's not available. Prices, available quantities and other important information are shown on each species page.

Do you have seeds of ... in stock?

Every item page shows the seed’s available quantities and prices. Seeds are either "In Stock" (green), or "Out of stock" (red).

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