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A stunning, dense privacy hedge or gorgeous single specimen.  Tolerates wind, rain, dry (with irrigation) and remains beautiful. An outstanding choice to solve those pesky neighbor abatement issues quickly.
These days it’s most common use is as a drop dead gorgeous ornamental. One of our fastest to size species.
To about 40 feet tall, with 2 inch diameter canes, this bamboo is used for fine weaving in traditional cultures.

100 Blue Timber Bamboo Seeds (Bambusa Chungii)

SKU: 0014
  • Height: 26 - 23 ft. (8 - 10 m)

    Max. Diameter: 1.8" - 2.4" (4.5 - 6 cm)

    Hardiness: 15 ° F (-10 ° C)

    USDA Zone: 9a to 11

    Light: Full Sun
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