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Germination Instructions 

Acer Palmatum




Seed Treatment:

1. Scarification: Leave in warm water without chlorine (+/- 35º C) for 24 hours, is not necessary to keep the water always warm, but after 24 hours repeat the process with another change of warm water.

2. Stratification: Moisten vermiculite / peat moss to the point where you can barely squeeze water from it, mix the seeds in the compost and place in refrigerator in a ziplock bag, or a Tuperware, a jar, box of Ferrero Rocher etc ... Keep in the cold (+/- 5º C) for 120 days. It is natural that the seeds begin to germinate before 120 days, then its better to see regularly how they are.




1. Bury in peat moss about half a centimeter deep, and lightly press the soil to cover the seed.



Caring for the young plants:

1. Keep the young plants away from cold and windy places

2. While the plants are young, they should not get direct sunlight because the sun can burn the leaves and eventually the plant will die.

3. Use dechlorinated water for irrigation and never indulging in water because the roots can rot.


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